Have you flipped your switch?

Have you flipped your switch? Ever noticed that people are either on or off? There are those that are in that in between place of being somewhat sane and completely lunatic.. but mostly people are either on or off. What I am really getting at is.. have you made a decision? (keep in mind that you is general.. not finger pointing, unless you want to be pointed at! just kidding)
When it comes to our spiritual lives you are either on or off. There is no in between. We may attempt to be in between serving God and serving ourselves; but ultimately there is a choice to be made. I started thinking about this while trying to help someone else. But they just didn’t get what was actually messed up about their situation. That person’s switch doesn’t seem to be off or on, but stuck somewhere in between. They can’t seem to get a breakthrough or help because they know all the answers, yet don’t apply them to their lives. That’s thing about getting stuck in the middle. When you see a light switch that’s been locked in the middle, it isn’t still partially on, it’s completely off. If a person knows all the right things to say and do, but doesn’t apply it to themselves, they are stuck in the middle with their light turned off. The Word of God says it’s better to be hot or cold rather than lukewarm; it’s also better to be on or off rather than stuck in between the two.
So, back to my first question. Have you flipped your switch; or are you on for the Lord or off? There’s no in between-if you’re stuck in the middle you’ve still made a decision.
Be encouraged today-flip your switch and allow God to turn the lights on in your life!

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