Don’t Put a Lid on Your Cup!

I feel like God has really been teaching me and showing me about cups and how we are like cups. We sing songs in church about our cups overflowing and asking the Lord to fill our cup-but are we prepared to overflow or even be filled? I have a really nice cup that’s insulated and it has a great lid-perfect for coffee or tea. I don’t really drink either so this cup just sits on my shelf.. One of the reasons it sits on my shelf and doesn’t get used like it might is that the lid is difficult. It’s difficult to put on, difficult to remove and most importantly, difficult to drink from. I believe that we are blessed to be a blessing and when we are filled it is to pour into the life of someone else. If we keep putting lids on our cups-refusing to listen to the Lord, refusing to allow Him to change us, refusing to be used by Him we make it difficult if not impossible to be filled with His presence.
One reason I think we put lids on our cups is fear-fear of having to change, fear of what we might lose, fear in general. But my Bible tells me that those who are in God’s love don’t have fear, it tells me that God hasn’t given us the spirit of fear. Don’t be afraid to take the lid off your cup-and let someone else take a “sip” of what God has given you!

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