The lot is cast into the lap..

William was having a tender moment with Jetta today. It went something like this:
William: Did you know you are a gift from God? A special gift.
Jetta: Excuse me.
William: Why, did you poot?
Jetta: Yeah.

Isn’t that just like a kid; you try to have a heartfelt conversation and they poot on your efforts. Or, you try to discipline them and are angry, then they turn around and give you the same glare or roll of the eyes that you once gave your parents and they break the hard moment. I love my kids; they completely turned my life upside down but they make me and my life better and richer. Which brings me to my first line. It’s from Proverbs 16:33. “The lot is cast into the lap, but the whole disposing thereof is the Lord.” There is no way of knowing before you have children how your life will be turned upside down and inside out; but God knows the beginning from the end. It’s not just with kids; it’s also with work, friends, school, church, or marriage. We have ideas of how things will happen, but with the lot is finally thrown into our laps it’s usually a whole ‘nother ball game. The lot that is in your lap was dispositioned by the Lord; it went through His hands before it came to you. These children that were thrown into my lap were placed there by God and entrusted to me. These children that were the catalyst  for me leaving a lucrative career to stay home and wipe butts without a thank you or paycheck, these children that are the reason I am solely a clearance rack coupon stacking girl instead of a throw it in the cart shopper, these children that make me laugh when I really want to be annoyed; they are my lot. And I’m thankful for the lot. I’m thankful that no matter how difficult the task before me I have the hands and ears of God willing to lead and teach me; His arms to hold me when it’s rough going; and He causes His face to shine on me when I’m weary. Life is not perfect, it is not the way I thought it would or should be, there are things that just absolutely stink which I have no control over, and I am typing this in the midst of some struggles; but I’m thankful for the life I have and wouldn’t want to trade it for anyone else’s. Even when the kids poot while their daddy is trying to boost their self esteem. Especially when they poot.

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  1. Thanks for this Heidi. I'm kind of irritated right now at some situations that fly in the face of my idealized version of what they should be. Thanks for the reminder that it had to come through His hands before it got to my lap.


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