In celebration of Little Larry’s first birthday on Friday, I thought I would give you a photo montage of my little buddy.
If you’ve never seen the “Mr. Peepers” sketch on Saturday Night Live from the mid to late nineties this may not be funny to you.
There’s a face this momma could love! Just precious.
He loves to give kisses.
Okay, so the pictures above are not really my kid. Shocker, right? But recently, he’s done a new thing where he clings to us like he’s a little monkey, throws half eaten food when he tires of it, and is constantly giving open mouthed kisses.  Basically, he’s the most beautiful and wonderful boy ever. I can hardly believe a year has flown by; it has gone by so quickly that I’m beginning to wonder if I was even awake for it! Happy early first birthday to the happiest and brightest boy I know. I’ll take all the sloppy kisses you’ll give me. 

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