Dogs and Babies

So, how wrong is it that I equate dogs with babies? Like the same rules apply for both. Food on the floor? Don’t worry! The baby will get it. Don’t give the baby chocolate; it makes babies sick! Who peed on the floor!?! It was the baby. Don’t let the baby sleep in your bed/jump on furniture: you’ll never break him of that habit. And I honestly had the thought to give the baby a chicken bone but rejected that thought once I “remembered” that babies could choke and die on a chicken bone. Like dogs.
This is the mini diva when she was extra mini. She loved hanging out with her uncles Hans and Marcus when she visited Grandma’s house.
A better picture of the mini and her uncles, which she used to call “bark barks.” 
Funny story: she was asked by one of the girls at church yesterday when she was going to get her own dog. She responded with this gem: “When I get rid of my brother.” 

Look at my little Larry, proving his momma wrong! He can eat chocolate.
Thankfully, my husband corrected me. Turns out babies can eat people food, even chocolate! And that I can fix him his own plate instead of making him beg for scraps. At least I resisted buying him that super cute dog bed and allowed him his own bed. But I draw the line at him chewing on the furniture.

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