Prayers, Orphans, and the Mini Diva

I love my mini diva. She’s smart, funny, sarcastic, beautiful, and tenderhearted. 
Isn’t she pretty? She stole my heart. A few weeks ago she announced that she wasn’t mean anymore. Her secret to not being mean? She prayed for herself. And that’s how she said it, too:  “Momma, know why I’m not mean anymore? ‘Cos I prayed for myself. So I’m not mean anymore.”
Don’t you just love it? She truly believes what she is taught about Jesus. That when you pray to him, he responds. My ear was in agony this past week. She prayed for my ear and for Jesus to “take the boo boo away” from my ear, then tested for God’s response. By smacking me in the ear. It still hurt, so she prayed again. And kept asking me and expecting my ear to be 100% better when she checked. It took a few days for me to feel a good deal better; but I believe her little (big) prayer worked.
One more story about my girl and her generous heart. She had a friend named Martha a while back. Martha’s mommy and daddy were killed in a tragic slaying. So, it was Jetta’s duty to care for her orphan friend. I was not to be trusted with Martha (apparently I am the slayer of Martha’s parents). Jetta loved Martha. Would you like to see a picture of Martha? I thought you would. 
That’s right, boys and girls, my kid tried to befriend a roach. Sadly, there are no pictures of Martha and Jetta together, nor a family portrait with Martha and her parents. Ha! Martha didn’t last two minutes in our house (yes, she was discovered in my house ). But, Jetta took the Bible verse about caring for widows and orphans seriously. Even roach orphans. For the record, lest you think I am hosting a roach resort, eviction notices were served and there has been no evidence of creepy crawlies since. Tell me I’m not alone with a kid who is hilarious in her pursuits of humanitarianism? 
In memory of Martha, her mommy, her daddy, and other relatives that were massacred in 2012. 

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