Natural Woman

I’m channeling Aretha tonight. 
“Looking out on the morning rain/I used to feel uninspired/And when I knew I had to face another day/Lord it made me feel so tired.”
Okay, so maybe only the first few lines of the song. I mean, if you were to see my eyebrows right now and the lack of make up you would definitely see that I am looking like a natural woman. It’s been a different few days for me. And I was feeling pretty sorry for myself last night; so sorry that I was depressed about my lack of Reese’s peanut butter cups in my house and the fact that one of my friends is in Kentucky for a few days/weeks/better not be months right now. (Come home now! You’re all I’ve got left. I can’t move to Kentucky-I’d freeze. Whimper.) 
Anyways. So, while I am sounding completely pathetic and destitute of anyone to feel sorry for me except for myself (my husband was at work and thus saved from having to console me and go on a junk food run), I had to find a way to console myself. I did what any other uninspired, tired, and self loathing woman would do. I went on Pinterest while I ate the kids Easter candy. And pinned recipes, DIY projects, and most importantly, anything I found with polka dots. 
And then I felt like a new woman. Who cares if all of my friends are moving a million miles away? Who cares that my kids will be leaving me for VPK soon? What’s the big deal if the dishes are never completely done? There is nothing like feeling as though I’ve shopped, baked a flourless chocolate cake, watched a comedy, and had a complete make over to make me feel better in the late night hours. (To be clear, I was living vicariously through my Pinterest boards.) Yikes… As I read this, I’m beginning to feel as though I may need to get out of my house soon and actually shop, bake, and wear polka dots while rocking a cat eye. 
In brighter news, I am super excited to make a blog post on a review of products that I received for *FREE* from Influenster. Until that day, which will be soon, I’m off to watch Food Network and eat Reese’s. Oh yes, my husband hooked me up. 
Until next time… 

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