If it’s free.. it’s for me!
Thanks to Influenster, I was able to try several products I am too cheap to try on my own without coupons. Hey, check the first line: I like free! Anyways, I meant to post this last night but I dawdled and forgot. So here we go now!
One of the best parts of the Influenster VoxBox was definitely the Colgate Optic White system. I was only able to use it for about 10 days straight before I had to switch back to my sensitive teeth formula; but I definitely noticed that my teeth were brighter. I love the toothbrush: it has all the bells and whistles with grips, tongue scraper thingy (that’s the technical term), rubbery scrubber things, and of course, bristles. 🙂 The toothpaste has a warming sensation that I really liked. It foamed well and had a pleasant taste. The mouthwash foamed and foamed and then it foamed up some more. It absolutely kept me from eating after using it as I didn’t want to hinder its whitening powers. 😉 My husband loves it. Even after I had to stop using it my husband continues to use it and has requested that I purchase it again. When I have a coupon, that is. 
These were a surprise hit. Health food, shmealth food; that’s my motto! But these belVita “cookies” were surprisingly filling and tasty. I had the cinnamon brown sugar flavor in my VoxBox and would certainly purchase these again. Crispy, not overly sweet, and just enough to tide me over til my mid morning snack. They were packaged in threes and that was enough for me to share with my mini diva and little Larry. Did I mention they were filling yet? And I didn’t feel guilty or self loathing like I do when I feed the family pop tarts for breakfast. Definite win!
Ahh.. Dickinson’s witch hazel towelettes. I wanted to like these a whole lot more than I did. I mean, Drew Barrymore uses them and anyone who knew me in my middle school years could tell you how I loved all things Drew. But these were stinky. Did they cleanse and refresh my skin? Yes. Did they keep the grease and oil at bay? Yes. Did they rid my face of sweat and yuck after Zumba? Yes. Do they stink to high heaven? Yes. And that is why I force myself to use them. The positive out number the negative.. but the negative nearly out weighs the bad. Until they come out with a fragranced version I will not rebuy. If you can deal with a potent smack of witch hazel when you open one of these individually wrapped towelettes after a workout or beach day; then these are for you. And I think that may be why the odor is so potent: they are individually wrapped. Great for maintaining integrity of product; not so great when you hate the scent. 
This was a nice treat: nectresse no calorie sweetener. I use them in my daily coffee(s). I honestly can not tell the difference between these and real sugar in my coffee. Plus: no calories! That means more coffee, amiright? That’s all I can say about it as I didn’t use it to bake or sweeten any other foods. I may not purchase it on my own as I am perfectly content using regular granulated sugar; but I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a sugar substitute.
I saved the best for last. I’ve been wanting to try Vaseline Spray & Go ever since I saw the first commercial. Of course, me being me, I was skeptical. The idea of the product for those who don’t know is this: lotion you quickly spray on the “hot spots” (legs and arms) then rub down and put on some skinny jeans. Or yoga pants. Or pajama pants. Whatevs. I love it. It seriously works just like in the commercial. I mean, it may take 10 seconds as opposed to the 5 shown in the commercial to dry; but it absorbs into the skin quickly. My skin felt soft and smooth to the touch. And it smells delicious! Like shea butter, which I lurve. It is perfect for a girl on the go or the mom like me, in a rush to just take a shower and put on some lotion to feel like a real person, for crying out loud! It’s great in our climate in Florida: humid, sticky, and hot. With that being said, I would not recommend it if your skin is dry. The one pictured is the one I was given to review; I am going to purchase and try the other varieties to see if they are more emollient. I had to switch to a normal moisturizer for a day or two then was able to bounce back to the spray & go; just to counteract some dry, less humid days we had down here. I would recommend this and will purchase this; even without a coupon.
Disclaimer: The products reviewed in this post were courtesy of Influenster and their VoxBox program. I was not paid for these reviews. 

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