Mini Diva Speaks the Truth

Mini diva told me there was a girl who is big at her school. It was her teacher. And according to mini diva and her friends, teacher’s got a big butt. Naturally, I laughed. Then corrected myself and asked her if she told her teacher about her big butt. Thankfully she hadn’t. Phew!
When I was her age I told my grandma that she looked like prune face. And I meant it with all of the love in my heart: and I really loved my paternal grandma. She was patient and kind and warm and all the things a grandma ought to be. My kids’ grandma is like that with them. Generous, loving, playful, and so merciful. I love that they have that in her.
Poor grandma. I’m amazed she didn’t disown me!
Anyways: I had a point somewhere in all this. Psalm 8:2 says that The Lord has ordained strength out of the mouths of babes. There is strength and truth that comes out the mouths of little kids. My daughter loves her teacher: she wouldn’t say she had a big butt to hurt her but probably to make her laugh. Just like I adored my grandma and would never have tried to hurt her ego by telling her she looked like a wrinkly mobster from Dick Tracey. I just thought she looked like a movie star. There is strength in honesty that comes from a place of love.
I had a friend ask me to be honest with her today. Not just any friend: but my sister from another mister. So to hurt her heart would be to hurt mine. I told her the truth with no buffer (there was none needed) and she took it with joy and sorrow. I trust she knows my heart is not to wound her but she quoted this scripture to me: faithful are the wounds of a friend. (Proverbs 27:6) My honesty hurt but in the big picture it makes her better and stronger than she was yesterday. Before you start feeling sorry for her know that she’s inflicted some faithful wounds as well. But that’s what friends do: tell the truth in a way that will help. Might hurt, but so does ripping off a week old soggy band aid: but that sucker’s gotta come off sometime. Better to have someone who loves you to rip it off than a bully peel it away slowly relishing in your pain. Yikes. Gross analogy.
Be a friend. Be honest: but use wisdom and love in that honesty. Like with Jetta: her teacher may have a big butt yet wisdom says it is a loving thing to let that one slide. But if her butt gets stuck in a slide give her some help to get it out. 
Dudes, I’m LOL’ing.

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