Writing’s on the Wall

When I was little I used to color on my mom’s freshly painted walls with magic markers. While looking her in the eyes and with the marker behind my back I would scribble. Apparently this was in a new house. Off topic, but I also hit my big brother then ran into my room, hid under the covers, waited for him to come after me, then screamed for my mom accusing my brother of hitting me. I had the little sister thing down.
Anyways.. I caught little Larry coloring on the walls and our dehumidifier a few days ago. Normally I say things like, “Why are you working against me?” and “I just cleaned crayon off of thaaaat.” Can you tell that last one is more of a whine than anything else? 
This time was different. This time I started thinking of reasons why I am grateful to have writings on my walls. (Yes, walls. Because I do not clean it up as I go and the kid is a crayon/pen/marker ninja.) The following are the reasons I am grateful for writing on my walls:
Reason #1
If I can see the crayon on the walls my walls must be pretty clean. Or else I wouldn’t notice, right?
Reason #2
If he keeps finding crayons we must not be poor. I mean, if I have so many crayons that even after I put up a dozen boxes he is still finding them I must be fairly well off. At least in kiddie currency.
Reason #3
My kid is really physically fit. He’s agile enough to scale shelves and walls to find unattended writing utensils and strong enough to hold himself up with one arm while grabbing said utensils.
Reason #4
The writings on the wall by my little Larry means I have a little boy. It means that I have my mini Diva (because turquoise Sharpie doesn’t come off even with a Magic Eraser and scribble is left over from her wall writing reign). It means that one of my absolute greatest heart’s desires was granted. I got to have two little G’s that I adore. I could go on and on.. but I think you get the gist. 
Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you your heart’s desires.
Psalm 37:4
Y’all, I prayed for these babies. I had one of them named before I even met my husband. I dreamed about them. Somehow it seemed like I loved them before I knew them. Yet now I so easily take my heart’s desire for granted because they mess up my plans. And bathroom. And I’m exhausted. How many other answered prayers go unnoticed by me because they aren’t what I thought they would be? Or maybe they don’t look the way I thought they would. Or maybe I’m not where I thought I’d be or who I thought I’d be when the desire was granted. My kids are better than I could have dreamed.. but for some reason I dreamed I would have more energy when I had kids. (stop laughing!!)
My little blessings remind me of how much I have to be thankful for in unconventional ways. They remind by waking me up at the butt crack of dawn to “have the snuggles.” They remind me of how badly I wanted children with a sense of humor when they make me laugh at inappropriate things. Like little Larry ripping off his diapers and singing in the middle of the kitchen. Or the mini Diva announcing that she is no longer speaking to me, just Daddy. Then reminding me repeatedly until I respond. They remind me of how good I have it even when I don’t see it.
They remind me of just how precious baths, sleep, eating, privacy, and attention are by merely existing. They remind me of how much I need the Lord by acting like me. They teach me volumes about love, patience, and forgiveness. One of my favorites things they remind me of is how to just sit back and enjoy beautiful artwork. Even if it is graffiti on my living room walls. 
Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5:18
What are the writings on the wall that you are thankful for?
Aren’t they beautiful? They get it from their momma…

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